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Courses for 2020-2021

Jewish Studies, Program 2020-2021

 Dr. Cedric Cohen Skalli 
“Does the Jewish people have Art?”.

Dr. Moshe Lavee:
"Introduction to Rabbinic Literature - Mothers and Daughters"

Dr. Micha Perry:
“Jews and Christians in the Jewish Middle Ages”

Dr. Dorota Burda Fischer: 
“Together and apart – The Jews and the Holocaust in Polish culture” 

Dr. Hillel Newman:
“Jews and Christians in late antiquity” 

 Prof. Yossi Chajes:
“Riding the Chariot: A Magical Mystery Tour of the History of Jewish Esotericism"

Dr. Yizhak Feder:
"Israel Among the Nations" (Biblical Studies)

More electives are offered through the program for Israel Studies and the International School.